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    1. Understanding the NREMT Exam

    2. Structure of NREMT Test Questions

    3. The 3 Keys to Success

    4. Improving Your Knowledge

    5. Improving Your Question Comprehension Capabilities & Critical Thinking

    6. Improving Your Psychological Strength

    7. Question Breakdown Methods & the Progression of Learning

    8. The Who, What, When, Where, & Why Method

    9. The Four Step Method

    10. The Eliminating the Wrong Answers Method

    11. The Finding the Details Method

    12. Types of Questions on the NREMT Exam

    13. The NREMT Exam Part 1

    14. NREMT Exam Part 2

    1. Conclusion Video

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About this course

  • 18 lessons
  • Learn everything you need to pass the NREMT exam at your own pace. Learn: what pilot questions are, how the NREMT exam works, how to break down questions the right way, and so much more! (For all provider levels).

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